Monday, April 16, 2012

Aurora The Traveling Blythe 2012

This year I was chosen as one of three Blythe customizers worldwide to make a doll for The Traveling Blythe project. You can see the official website for the project here. I was so honored and excited to join Lynne (Happibug) and Kate (Moofala) in creating these special dolls! These girls will travel all over the world, making new friends along the way.

I chose a Simply Thumpty Thump for my base doll, as I felt she wasn't a doll that you see often. She got a complete makeover, including 3 sets of handpainted eyechips by me. Her eyelids have a closeup owl face on one and a twilight silouette on the other.

My Mom (Willowee) made her a special Rag Bag Designs Faery dress. I also had a custom bauble helmet made for her by Meg (irulethegalaxy), and Mandy (jeds123) was very sweet and donated a pair of Little Hoo Owls to keep her company during her travels. I am also sending her complete stock outfit with her along with an extra pair of boots and socks.

The people that are hosting my girl voted to name her Aurora, which I think fits her very well. She is actually leaving today for her first destination, Hawaii!! I'm so excited to see photos and follow her on her trip around the world.