Friday, May 31, 2013


YAY!!! The raffle drawing is ALMOST here! We ended up with 279 tickets sold which is about $2625 after PayPal fees were taken out. Thank you again to everyone who participated in this in ANY way!! I am so grateful to all of you for your support.♥

So I've split all the prizes up into their prize packages and will be doing the drawing in the morning (June 1st)!! I will post the winners on here, Facebook, Flickr and ipernity. I will also send emails out to the winners using the emails attached to their PayPal accounts so everyone please keep your eyes out for the announcement!

Here are the different prize packages....

First Place Prizes

Second Place Prizes

Third Place Prizes

Fourth Place Prizes

Good luck to everyone!

Monday, May 27, 2013

3 Days Left!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that there are only 3 more days to purchase raffle tickets!!! May 30th is the last day they will be available. Friday I will be working on organizing prizes and taking photos and then on Saturday, June 1st Ava will draw the winning names. 
I'm so excited, but this sweet little Sheepie will be missed around here! I hope that whoever wins her will give her as much love as she has brought to me and my family through this community. Thank you again to everyone who has supported us in any way. We appreciate every little thing! ♥

Friday, May 10, 2013

It's All Good

This is a week of good news!!!

Ava's doctor appointment was awesome! The doctor is very happy with her progress and feels like she is ahead of the game. She no longer has to wear a splint or brace of any kind. She has recovered almost full motion back in her index finger and thumb! She still doesn't have any feeling in them yet but we were told that movement comes back first so she is on the right track. Now we just have to make sure she doesn't burn or cut herself because she can't feel anything. So it's still hard for her to use her right hand and she is primarily still using her left. She still can't straighten her arm at the elbow or bend it far enough to reach her face but with excercise and time she should get that back too. She is one tough cookie if you ask me!

As far as the raffle sales go, it has gone far beyond what I ever expected or imagined! We are now at 223 tickets sold! And more awesome donation prizes just keep coming in! Thank you all again for EVERYTHING!!! I honestly can't believe how many amazing things I have received!

And WOW, Lorraine's Icy girl, Miss Muffin, turned out so adorable! She is still available but Lorraine has to do a new listing for her so I will post the link when I get it. Jenn is still selling her Ava's Arm-y sheep necklaces too! So if you want something cute for your girl to wear go check them out! A HUGE thanks to Lorraine and Jenn for their generous hearts and wanting to donate their proceeds to Ava's Arm-y. ♥

I don't usually discuss this type of thing but since this community has been so supportive and such a large part of Ava's journey I feel like you have the right to know.... So we have been meeting with the hospital's financial advocate to see what we could do to have Ava's hospital bills reduced because there is just no possible way we could come up with the huge amount that they were wanting. And after waiting for a month to hear back from them, we finally got a letter this week. They have decided to reduce the bill in HALF!!! It's still a large amount but way more manageable for us. With what we have saved up and all of the support from the Blythe community we will be able to put a big dent in that bill! :)

Again, I want to thank everyone that has sent emails, messages, donations, bought raffle tickets and just showed me how generous and loving this community can be. Thank you. ♥ On that note, I will leave you with quick photos of all of the raffle prizes that I've received so far! AMAZING!

First Places Prizes (so far)

 Runner Up Prizes (so far)


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Miss Muffin is Ready!!


Miss Muffin is finally ready to find a new home!! She was created by my friend, Lorraine of Maasje Customs. She is the sweetest little Icy girl I've ever seen and we are so lucky to have such a wonderful donation to help with Ava's medical bills.

Here is a little more info about her:

Miss Muffin's eyemech words perfectly, she's got 4 new pairs of brainworm chippies, a simply guava scalp that has been cut into a bob by Lorraine. She's on her original body and is signed by Lorraine. She'll come in a Blythe box and shipper with a stand. She will come in the outfit shown in the photo's (flower print dress with bow, socks and shoes. As well as a hat by Nikola from Nixipixie...not shown, it's currently in transit, will add it here once it arrives).

You can find her for sale on Blythe Kingdom here: Lorraine is taking offers on her or she has a Buy It Now price of $450.

Many many thanks to Lorraine for her amazing donation and thanks to all of you that have been so supportive!! ♥


Monday, May 6, 2013

Donations Are Still Rolling In


We have officially sold over 200 tickets now!! Woo hoo!!! And WOW....I can't believe all of the awesome prizes that have been donated by everyone for Ava's Arm-y! I honestly wish that I could enter the raffle myself! LOL!
I am really excited to get the prize packages all sorted out and take photos of everything. I am planning on having everything here the last week of May and getting photos so that you all can see the amazing prizes you can win! There will be a few more days after that to purchase tickets and then I will close ticket sales on May 30th. The drawing will be June 1st and winners will be announced that day.
We now have a stock Pow Wow Poncho Blythe doll that has been donated by Stacy that will be for one of the runners up. Here is Stacy's photo of her .
We also have a cute little Wonder Frog donated by Lizzie among many other awesome sundries!
I am so happy that I will be able to spread the love a little further by having more than just one big prize for the first place winner. :)
Eurotrash Helmet Donated by Katie

Friday, May 3, 2013

Miss Muffin

Look at this sweet face!! My amazing friend, Lorraine of Maasje Customs, has customized this adorable little Icy girl to donate to Ava's Arm-y!!! She is Lorraine's 24th custom and she just melts my heart.

Miss Muffin will not be included in the raffle prizes but some lucky person will be able to take her home and all proceeds will go to help pay Ava's hospital bills.

We are working out the details on how you can win this sweetie and should have more info next week, along with photos of her final outfit and such. Stay tuned for another blog update her!