Basic Information

All of the custom dolls that I create are one of a kind (OOAK). I will not copy a design that I have already made or anyone else's design either so please do not ask. I can do similar themes or similar features.

Please don't contact me about making a doll like one that you like made by someone else. Each customizer has their own style and way of doing things. If you are asking me to do a commission it is because you like my previous customs and feel that I can make a special girl for you.

Custom dolls will not be factory perfect. Although I am very careful and try my best to make it so, everything is done by hand and it's just not possible to be perfect.

Payment for work is due before your doll(s) arrives at my house. I will not work on your girl until I have received full payment. I will accept payment for return shipping when I am finished with your girl and she's ready to travel home if you would prefer to do it that way. I only accept payment via

I ask that people ship their dolls before I have actually gotten to their name on my commissions list because I need to allow shipping and prepping time. I do not start on a doll the day that I receive them so please do not expect me to have her done immediately. I am a fast worker but do need time to be creative. If I force myself to work on your doll when I'm not ready then it will show in my work.

I will keep my commissions list updated with info on when a girl is in transit, has arrived and is in progress. If you would like me to update you more than that please feel free to email me and ask but I also don't appreciate being "hounded" constantly. I TRY to have a girl finished in approximately 1 month after I receive her but I am also a stay at home mom and my family comes first and foremost.

I also try my hardest to work IN ORDER of my commissions list so please don't expect me to bump you in front of someone else just because you have sent your girl early. Of course the list gets out of order due to people not being ready and whatnot but that is for me to determine if I have time to work on your girl ahead of time.

I ship via USPS only. I will get tracking and insurance for all girls that are sent out. I am not responsible for packages once they leave my hands.

I will usually do trades or partial trades for stock RBL and FBL that have no carving. Email me if you would like to discuss this.

All of my service prices are for work and supplies only. I do not include the base doll unless it is a full custom that I have done to sell.

There are no refunds on custom work.

I don't offer any hair services besides applying the scalp to the girl when she is here. Most of the scalps that I use on my customs are Skinny Scalps made by Unicornmine. I will work directly with her if you want or you can contact her and send the scalp with your girl. If you would like a reroot and need a suggestion you can contact me and I will recommend someone that does that service.

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