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Blythecon 2012

So I'm getting ready to head to Blythecon in Dallas in less than a month! I can't believe that it's almost time already!!! I am trying to get as many commissions on my list done before I leave but I obviously won't have time to finish up everyone's before then.
I appologize for that as I know some people have girls in transit to me or that have just arrived here.
I will be working on a couple of girls to sell so that I actually have some money for Blythecon too. Which I'm feeling like I waited until the last minute to do but am crossing my fingers I will get them done and sold in time.
I'm also going on a short vacation with my family at the end of this week sooooo I'm feeling a little bit of pressure on my end to wrap things up and get ready for Blythecon.
I will continue to work on commissions after I finish up my two girls for sale and a pair of eyelids on my personal girl that I have to ship off to another customizer soon. Please bare with me! Hugs -Sarah