Sunday, July 20, 2014

Blythecon or Bust!!

So, in two weeks I will be heading to Seattle for Blythecon. I'm SO excited to see everyone and all of their beautiful dolls! As many of you know, I will be a vendor there. I have spent most of the year planning and working on stuff for my table. I have completed 5 Neo Blythe customs and 1 Middie Blythe custom to take with me. I will also have both Neo and Middie Goggles and Handpainted Eyechips available. My mom has been working hard and will have a rack of gorgeous Rag Bag Designs dresses available at my table too. It's going to be so much fun! I hope to see everyone there. Please come back to my table and say hi to me if you are attending!! I'll leave you with some photos of the customs I will be bringing for adoption and a link to my Flickr album that includes everything that will be available at my table. Seattle Blythecon 2014

 Fruit Loops

The Last Unicorn

 Fox Trot


Kokeshi Doll