Sunday, April 14, 2013

♥ SNEAK PEEK ♥ Counting Sheep Custom Girl ~ A Raffle for Ava

This is a special girl that I have created to raise funds for my family to help pay my daughter's medical bills. If you don't know about Ava's story please read my previous post.

It started off with a few of my closest dolly friends and I talking about doing a giveaway for one of my customs and has grown into an amazing effort from the Blythe community to help by donating items to be raffled off with her. I can't begin to express how much this has meant to me to have so many people that want to help my family. I can not thank you all enough. Seriously. From the bottom of my heart I am so grateful!

I will be receiving donation items from friends within the next few weeks to be included in the giveaway and will keep the list updated here. As soon as all of the items have arrived I will publicly announce here on my blog, my facebook page and various Blythe forums on how to enter if you haven't already done so. (The store is up and running so if you already know you would like to purchase tickets please feel free to do so now).

I have created a "store" above my posts on my blog called Tickets that has one item in it. If you click on the photo of this sweet girl you will see the Counting Sheep tickets for $10 each. You can purchase as many tickets as you would like, there is no limit. Once you are ready to check out it will take you directly to Paypal to send payment. Please DO NOT make any comments in your PayPal invoice about a raffle.

I haven't decided on how long I will let the tickets be sold yet...I will have to sit down and figure out the details. But once I close the ticket sales your name will go in a hat for each ticket that you  have purchased. I will do a video of Ava drawing the winner from a hat and post that here.

Thank you all so much for the love and support. ♥


Me (Kaleidoscope Kustoms):
*Custom Simply Chocolate FBL Doll
*Cream & Red Lalatroop Hat
*Simply Chocolate Stock Dress & Shoes
*Takara Stock Stand

Maggi (Kawaii Kandy):
*Double Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream Hat
*Liquiriziadolly Handpainted Eyechips

Kimberly (Rosiee Gelutie):
*Ice Cream Short Playsuit
*Red & White Polka Dot Collared Dress!/photo.php?fbid=539992472718758&set=a.227519067299435.69989.204951886222820&type=1&theater

Jenn (Soul's Fire Designs):
*Sheep Necklace
*2 Pairs of Earrings 

Christine (Unicornmine):
*Sew Pixie Petite Carrier
*4 Mab Graves Hair Bows
*Fishknees Pink Striped Dress

Greta (Shepuppy):
*Tulip Dress

*Red & White Polka Dot Tights
*Stock Black Shoes

Jackie (Amidorable Crochet):
*Sweet But Deadly Helmet

Sarah (BlahBlah Beanies):
*Teal Sheep Hat
*Plastic Fashion Dress
*Licca Shoes

Sandey (Rag Bag Designs):
*Cream Lace Dress
*Turquoise Skimmer Dress

Jenni (Twiggytree):
*Two Pairs of Jeans


Barb (DollNo.9):
*Pink & Brown Dress

Mandy (Ellie Moe):
*4 Dresses

Tab (Tabsdollies):
*Handmade Blythe Carrier

Penny (DaffodilLane):
*6 Pairs of Socks

Nikola (Nixipixie):

Kelly (Kelalily Knits):
*Teal Sweater

Nikki (LuxieLou):

Erica Duh:
*Smitten Kitten Short & Shirt Set

Chris (Kookanoid)

Lizzie (Pipercat99)
*Angora Dress
*Fishknees Bubble Dress
*Wonder Frog
*Sock Monkey Party Hat by Willobea

Jill (Frankenkitty71):
*Atomic Blythe Sheep Dress

Laura (Liquiriziadolly)

Christy (Pixiepoo):
*Throwaway Pet

*Plastic Fashion Dress

*Handmade Bear

Kris (SaffronSky):
*Dolly Lolly Pops

Mandy (Sugar Blocks):
*Dress, Skirt, 2 pairs of socks

Katie (DJ_Pichu):
*Eurotrash Helmet

Angel (Puremeow):
*Ice Cream Dress
2 Commission Dresses for the Winners

Stacy (tunibug):
*Pow Wow Poncho Blythe Doll

Sarah (EssHippo):
*Baby Fangster Hat

Care (StitchWhipped):
*Sheep Dress

Jen (Junebug):
*Maasje Custom girl
*Assorted Sundries

Biz (Just Biz!):
*Blythe Bracelet sets

Abigail (Abigailsknits):
*Blythe Knit Hat

Pip (Piparroot):
Custom Rerooted Alpaca Scalp (available colors: Yellow, Green Ombre, Jet Black, Teal, Baby Pink & Grey Blue)

*indicates item has arrived


  1. Ava, hope u feel better soon. Please take care.

  2. Thank you so much Lauren and Kim!! ♥

  3. Ticket bought, I hope it helps out!
    I think mine only had my name attached to it (my real name) and my email address (littlebearries)... lol... hopefully I did that right -_-

  4. I am so sorry, I did put a comment, I hope I don't get you in trouble. I didn't see that till now. Hoping your little girl regains dull use and feeling of her arm.

    1. *full use*
      My iPad is not typing well. Sorry.